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With any purchase, you can make a difference !! 10% of your sale will be donated to a shelter of your choice in the U.S.A.

About Us

My company is a small privately owned business. I started sewing years ago coming from a family of tailors. Then took it a step further knowing there are no limits as to what I could create. Before I put needle to fabric my thought is, unique and different !!


Based out of  Towson Md and having had two MinPin's (Jinger and Stella) of my own, I was inspired by them and sewing more for them than myself. It was then that I had to take it to the dog community. So I started creating custom coats that are one of a kind and embellish what I was making, to look nothing like you would see in a store.                                                                                    

With the quality, thought and creative spin on what I have in mind is endless. Every coat is special because of the determination that makes my brand unique. All coats are made in the U.S.A.


My goal is to donate 10% of every sale to an animal shelter in the U.S.A of buyer's choice and hope that every homeless dog/cat can become a "Diva or Dapper" !!


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